Buying a windows 7 ultimate key

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Hi community

Long story short i have had an error and my windows 7 ultimate operating system got corrupt, i reinstalled windows but i have lost the key. Where do i buy a new one?

I have found this site but is its legit or just shady:

The vast majority of cheap Win 7 keys are Technet keys. Technet was a program Microsoft ran for software techies and resellers, so we could try out their software and learn its ins and outs so we could provide better support and make better recommendations to customers. Depending on your subscription level, you got 2 or 10 keys to almost every Microsoft product. Many unscrupulous individuals got TechNet accounts, and began selling their keys on eBay and via websites.

The keys are legit and "permanent". But there's a huge caveat. Microsoft shut down the TechNet program last year because of rampant key abuse. If they detect a TechNet key being used too many times, they will invalidate every key given to that TechNet account. So if the guy you're buying the key from sells any of his keys (not just the one you bought) to more than 2 or 10 people, or if one of the people he sells a key to spreads that key around on pirate sites, your key will work fine until one day when it suddenly becomes invalid.

That happened to a friend of mine. One day Windows complained his copy of Win7 Ult was counterfeit, and nothing he tried, even a reinstall, would make it a valid key again. And since you can't downgrade Windows versions, he ended up having to buy a new, legit copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. In other words, he ended up paying more than if he'd just bought a legit copy in the first place.
Okay then I think I will just buy home premium off ebuyer as they have been very reliable in the past.

This is OEM one so would I be able to use the disc to reinstall windows so it will downgrade to home premium as I can't afford ultimate or is this for preinstalled windows on built pcs by companies?

I have read that the OEM license is only for system builders but as I put my computer together by myself aren't I a system builder so could I just buy this and install it and have running windows with no problems?

I really want to fix my operating system, I am getting annoyed with windows minimizing my games and nudging me every half an hour going 'Your computer is not genuine'


Mar 21, 2016

I came across your question after searching for software geek reviews as I have dealt with them and had a really bad experience. If you looking for someone reliable I'd absolutely avoid at all costs! Plus you might not get what you pay for. I recommended them to my gf for windows 7 as they sounded like an ok company. After she ordered she realised she needed a 64bit version instead. She followed their instructions for a swap over sending back the disc she received but never ever received the exchange - not even after 2 months. We emailed them 6 times - all emails ignored. I called them 5 times only to get message that their phone lines are not working due to migration! AVOID!


For future reference, Windows keys are interchangeable between the 32-bit and 64-bit version. If you have the 32-bit version and need the 64-bit version, all you have to do is download the install DVD for the 64-bit version. The same key will work with both.
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